Frequently Asked Questions from Teens about TAP

What is TAP?

TAP stands for Teen Arts Pass. It’s a free program that gives teens ages 13-19 access to show tickets at venues throughout the Chicago area. If a participating venue has any unsold tickets, you can buy them for $5 from the box office as soon as it opens on the day of the show. The best part is that only TAP members have access to these $5 tickets – and the full price for some of these shows can be $200 or more!

How do I participate?

All you have to do is sign up! You’ll get an email with a digital card that you can print or show on your phone for immediate access to TAP shows. A little later you’ll get a physical card in the mail. We’ll also be launching an app in 2019 that will allow you to access event listings while you’re on the go.

When heading to a show, please call the box office first to ensure tickets are still available. Then arrive at least 30 minutes before the show time. This will give you the best chance to get a ticket, and also most TAP Partners won’t allow late seating.

Who can become a TAP member?

Any teen ages 13-19! You don’t have to live in Chicago, but the eligible performances are all in the Chicago area.

Can I bring a parent or friend?

If your friend is a teen, all they have to do is sign up! If you want to go see a show with a parent/guardian or anyone under 13 or over 20, every TAP Partner Venue has a “Companion Ticket Day”. For these performances, every TAP member can buy two tickets for $5 and use the second one for any non-TAP member of any age. Once our events calendar and app go live, you’ll be able to see on our calendar which performances are Companion Ticket eligible.

What’s eligible?

Any performances on our calendar/list/map (currently under construction!) that aren’t sold out are eligible. This is basically everything at our partner venues. There are a ton of amazing shows, but sorry, no Hamilton. TAP tickets are available only if the show is not sold out. And please, please, please, call the box office before you head out to see a show to make sure they’ve still got tickets!

All TAP events are arts-focused performances (dance, music, theater, etc).

What is a TAP Arts Partner?

Arts Partners are the organizations that host TAP-eligible arts events – performing groups and venues! We’re super grateful to them for making this program possible. Right now we have 25 Arts Partners all over Chicago and the surrounding area; learn more about them here.

What am I supposed to wear to shows?

While each venue is going to be a little different, the basic rule is to dress up at least a little. No top hats or prom dresses necessary, but you’ll probably feel most comfortable if you’re not in gym clothes.

I’ve never been to the opera/symphony/theater/ballet…do I need to know anything about how to act?

Though we encourage lots of individuality in everyday life, the best rule of thumb when attending a performance is to try to act how everyone else is acting. Some TAP partners might expect nothing more than polite clapping, while others may invite audience suggestions. Do your best to go with the flow and if you have any specific questions, ask the box office or an usher when you’re at the venue. Oh, and turn your phone off. Not silent. Off. The light of a screen can really distract other people watching the show, so live in the moment and turn it off for a little bit!

What about the Chicago curfew?

Yeah, so Chicago’s got a curfew: for ages 12-16, it’s 10pm Sunday-Thursday and 11pm Friday and Saturday. We ask that if you are 16 or under, please consider the curfew when choosing which shows to see. If you’re bringing a parent or guardian with you or getting picked up by one right after the show, it’s no problem. But if you’re taking public transportation or driving home without a parent or guardian, pay attention to the time. We will try our best to include the runtime for all performances in the event info on our website and app, but it’s best again to check in with the box office if you’re concerned a show might keep you out after curfew.

What if I don’t have a school or state ID?

Please call the box office of the venue you’re planning to attend in advance to let them know that you don’t have the ID and find out if they’ll let you in. If you don’t have ID, it’s also a good idea to bring something else along that proves you’re a student, like a recent letter from school, a report card, or something else that would have your name and the name of your school.

If you’re a teen that doesn’t attend a school or have a state ID, please still call the box office and ask if there’s something else you can bring (like a letter from a parent/guardian, or anything that has proof of age).

What happens if I lose my card?

First, we encourage everyone to download and use the app (coming soon), which will take the place of your card. But if you don’t have a compatible phone or can’t get the app, you can pick up a new card at Street Level – 1637 N Ashland, Chicago.

I’m a parent/guardian/other adult looking to sign up a teen. Can I do that?

We strongly encourage teens to sign up for themselves, however if that is not possible for whatever reason, just be sure all of the information provided at registration is for the teen, not the adult.

Will the shows be appropriate for teens of all ages?

Each event listing will show any content warnings or age recommendations if the TAP Arts Partner presenting the event feels it is appropriate to do so. If you are particularly concerned about something, please feel free to call the box office directly to ask, and have a discussion with your parent/guardian if necessary. Urban Gateways is not responsible for the content in all TAP-eligible performances and allows for teens (and their parent/guardian, when applicable) to make their own decisions about what is appropriate themselves.

I need help, who can I call/email?

If you need more information about or help with something related to a performance or venue, please contact the box office directly. Box office contact info is available on all of our calendar event listings.

For questions about TAP membership, the TAP website, or general program information, please contact

How can I get more involved with TAP?

It’s awesome that you want to get more involved with this program! For teens interested in doing more with TAP, we’ve got something called the Teen Council; they advise the direction of the program by evaluating partners, informing marketing and outreach strategies, and serving as the voice of TAP to the public. The 2018-19 Teen Council is already underway; we’ll post information about applications for the 2019-20 Council in summer 2019 – keep an eye on this page!