Once you are a TAP member, it’s easy to use the program at our partner venues. The steps are simple:


Other helpful tips for members:

    • Try something new! With $5 tickets, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to explore venues, art forms, or styles that you’ve never seen before. You might find something you love!


    • Check out Companion Ticket Days! Each Partner has designated a regular day where each TAP member can purchase an additional ticket for only $5. This ticket can be used for ANYONE! That means it can be an adult, non-teen friend or sibling, or a teen who is not yet a member (though you should encourage them to sign up). You can find information about a Partner’s regular companion ticket day on their Partner page, and each event that is companion ticket eligible will be visible on our calendar—look for the purple dot!


    • Be proud of being a teen! If you are attending with a non-teen on a companion ticket day, please remember this is a teen program, so YOU should complete the transaction at the box office.


    • Do your best to arrive at least 30 minutes before the show. Partners are not required to seat anyone after the show begins – many venues do not offer late seating to any patrons.


    • Don’t be afraid to go by yourself! While it’s fun to go with friends, family, or a group, you can also have a great experience flying solo.


    • If it’s the first or last weekend for a show with a long run, the show may have fewer tickets available. Please be sure to call in advance before you get to the venue.


    • Though the box office staff will do their best, you may not always get seated next to the people you come with. This will most likely only be the case for shows that are almost sold out or if you are with a large group, but it’s possible.


    • If there aren’t any tickets available at the box office when you get there, ask if you can wait to see if they have some open up. Sometimes a few tickets get released closer to the show time, and if you get there early and you’re willing to wait, you’ll have the best chance to snag one!


    • Share your experiences on social media (see links at the bottom of this web page)! Tell all your friends!