Teen Arts Pass (TAP) is a new initiative by Urban Gateways that gives young people ages 13-19 access to $5 tickets to see professional dance, music, and theater performances in and around Chicago. With your free TAP membership, all you have to do is present your card or app at a participating venue on the day of the show, and as long as it’s not sold out, you can purchase a ticket (with a possible value of up to $200+) for $5 cash. It’s that easy!

How does it work?

  1. Sign up here and we’ll email you with a digital card that you can use right away after you register. Registration is quick, easy, & free! You’ll also receive a physical card in the mail a little later.
  2. Check out the website to see a calendar, list, or map of eligible performances at TAP Partner Venues all over the Chicago area. Plus, you can download our app to browse events, save faves, and check-in to shows easily.
  3. Be sure to call the venue’s box office to make sure tickets are available.
  4. Bring your TAP card or app, school/state ID, and $5 cash and get to the venue at least 30 minutes before the show time! TAP is a day-of-show program, so tickets can be purchased as soon as the box office opens, up until the show sells out. Be sure to get there early for your best chance at a ticket, but also because most TAP Partner Venues won’t seat you if the show has already started.
  5. Enjoy the show! Share your experience on social media (see links at the bottom of this web page)! Tell all your friends!
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 again and again until you turn 20, checking out all the cool performances Chicago has going on!

How can I get involved?

Sign up for the program, start using TAP to see performances all over Chicago, and spread the word to other teens! If you want to get even MORE involved, check back soon to learn about the 2018-19 TAP Teen Council.


Check out TeenTix in Seattle!

TAP was inspired by TeenTix, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that seeks to break down the barriers that prevent teens from accessing the arts. The TeenTix Pass Program increases access for teens with a $5 day-of-show model to 75 arts and culture organizations in the Pacific Northwest. TeenTix acted as a consulting organization for Urban Gateways leading up to the launch of TAP in Chicago, and we are grateful for their support and their willingness to share what they know!

Planning a visit to Seattle (or maybe you even live there)? Teens can sign up for free on the TeenTix website to access events across Seattle’s arts scene for just $5.