Teen Arts Pass (a program of Urban Gateways) is looking for unique teen engagement programs in celebration of 2019 Year of Chicago Theatre. These teen-focused programs should offer a one-of-a-kind, hands-on opportunity for young people to engage with theatre across the city.

Organizations working with teen populations (in and outside of theatre) are invited to apply with the goal of creating enriching events in partnership with a theatre venue or organization. These events could be workshops, backstage tours, or any other type of event that includes hands-on or interactive components, with or without a performance element. Whatever the format, teen input should play a role in the programs proposed.

Programs will primarily take place between August and December of 2019 and will be featured on the Teen Arts Pass calendar.

Apply here by Monday, July 15th at 5pm. Contact Tarah (tortiz@urbangateways.org) with any questions.

This program is part of 2019 Year of Chicago Theatre and supported by the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.




We’re an education department of a theatre organization. Do we need an external partner?

No, you can partner with your own umbrella organization for this proposal as long as there is a component designed by the education team (with teen input).

We have a great idea but it’s not within the timeframe. Can I still apply?

While we are looking to have programming all within 2019, please feel free to contact Tarah (tortiz@urbangateways.org) about any ideas that take place before August or after December.

Is there financial support available?

Limited financial support is available for these projects but depending on the full budget, the participating organizations may be expected to contribute to some degree. You’ll submit a program budget as part of the application.

When will we find out if we’re selected?

We hope to notify all partners by the end of July; any August projects will be notified as soon as possible.

How many programs will be chosen?

A minimum of four programs will be selected as part of this program.

What criteria will be used to determine which programs are selected?

Urban Gateways plans to work alongside members from the Teen Arts Pass Teen Council to help identify projects that are interesting to young people, as well as those that are influenced by teen voice and fit within the scope and timeline of the project. Programming will ideally be geographically diverse and include different types of events and activities across the four programs selected.

Pictured: Teen Arts Pass members at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, May 2018. We’re looking to get more teens engaged in theatre arts during the Year of Chicago Theatre – apply to partner with us today!